Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WiP; Ad Mech Kitbash

Most 40K Bloggers and players have seen the above picture of Inquisitor Delphan Gruss (taken from the GW website). Many have lamented bitterly over the fact that he was only produced in the 54mm Inquisitor line for Specialist Games 'Inquisitor'. I know I did. I feel this is one of the best Ad Mech representations ever produced. Well..... I decided I would kitbash one.

One thing eBay is good for is the fact that not only can you find and buy the single bits you need for kitting somthing you have enlargable pic's so you can actually compare the parts you will need. I spent entire days looking at the above pic then looking at legs, arms. heads, ect.... before aquireing the needed parts for my attempt at a 28mm version of this great looking figure.

Now I have enough parts to begin (actually I already have).
Head; Dark Angle cowled Sgt.'s head
Body; Robed Dark Angle
Chest; Robed Dark Angle (no Astartes Plate visible save where the backpack mount is)
Pistol Arm; Empire Pistolier (wraped in Green Stuff to create the flowing robe sleeve)
I have since taken the right arm of a close combat servitor and will be grafting this onto place of the extreamly thin plastic hand and forearm holding the Gun.
Breeching Drill Arm; Needing a bare arm with approaite hose's and what looks like an augmentic mounting I chose the left arm of a close combat servitor.
(both servitors were the older ones without boots)
The pistol itself will be cut and have the drum magizine from an Ork Nob grafted in and the 'Pepperbox' four barrel muzzel of the pistol may be replaced with a bolt pistol barrel (not decided on this yet as I like the 'Pepperbox' look).
Lastly I recieved my order from Jeff at Dragon Forge ( for some of his excellent puter hose's and some of the brass chain to create the mechandrite arms and the hose harness across the figures chest and back. (I also have several of Jeff''s 'Wasteland II' bases, but I havent setteled on which one he will be on yet.)
Here and below you can see that I have the Chest and legs assembled. I am also cutting away the armored coller so that when I add the cowled Dark Angle Sgt. head I can form the needed coller out of green stuff.
I also have a Cadian rebreather to implace where I have already removed the heads mouth and nose.

The breeching drill came from an old WizKids Mechwarrior Collectable Figure Game piece called the "Violator". Its the only piece so far that isnt actuall 40k or WHFB. (And I still might replace it with a twist of Green Stuff) I also have several other bits but as he gets closer to compleation you will see them.
Bits still needed; Ad Mech Symbols, and a small book with straps on it. Any one who can point me toward one will recive my undiing thanks.

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  1. Looking good so far - I agree that Delphan Gruss was a very cool fig and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. I really need to give the Dragonforge cables a shot, I've heard nothing but good things about the company and it seems like they'd be easier to work with than guitar strings. Can't wait to see more!