Friday, January 8, 2010

Do you collect what you play.....

......or play what you collect?

Two versions of the same question..........nope, just crazy Marine Corps logic. (Yes former USMC vet.)

I've played several other games, from AD@D, to Battletech, to Mechwarrior, and collecting 'Ugly Barbies' as my wife calls them is a must, somewhere along the line you break down and ...BAM....the next thing you know you have every concievable surface loaded with painted, and bare, highly detailed, or just lumps of what ever medium the pieces are made of litterilly everywhere. Kitchen, bedroom, loo, and guess what they are all the same ......dust catchers.

The above is the mark of the collector-centric player, 'Gotta-have-em-all' pokemon attitude.

One of the things I really like about Warhammer 40k are the wide range of nicely detiled figure, or boxes of parts with which to outfit your force any way you want.

The best thing about it, to me at least, are the wide array of line from which to pick and choose bit and pieces to create model youve seen description's of in books that are tottally playable as a 'counts-as' figure. This is a 'Kitbasher's' dream game.

Anyway back to the question.........Do you collect what you your army evoleing along a single force,with no variation in or from what material you can find on that chapter, Regiment, Ordos......ect...

So you play Crimson Fists. If I look close will I find Chaos Marine, or Black Templar bits on your figures?

Do you play what you collect.....You want a Navel Armsman force. Do you use Mordians as your Petty Officers and Officers? Grenade launcher equipped Adeptus Arbites as Shotcannon toting armsmen? Catachan Death Worlders as armed press-ganged conscripts? A hugely mixed bag of figures, to make one cohesive force.

Or like me, elements of all of the above. I have the beginnings of a Marine Company. With a Navel Armsman force as IG allies. And a fair selection of Inquisitors with Adeptus Arbites as Stormtroopers.

And now the beginnings of an Ad Mech force has claimed a section of my work area. The center piece for this last group will be a 28mm fully kitbashed Inquisitor Magos Delphan Gruss, of which I now have about 85% of the pieces for.

Anyway. Do you Collect what you play or Play what you collect?


  1. A bit of both really - I collect Marines (Rainbow Warriors and Dark Angels), Eldar, Orks, and Titan Legion/AdMech (IG). I only play Marines though, as the others are simply because I like the models.

    With Marines I like lots of guys and am aiming to build a full company. The company is organised along how I like the idea of it to look on display, but I'll eventually have enough guys to field a bit of everything and shuffle figures between squads for game time.

  2. A bit of both for me as well, but more from the idea of collecting what I play. At one point in my life I collected anything that interested me and ended up with several thousand miniatures. (Working for GW will do that to you...) But as I got older, married, a kid... I didn't have as much hobby space, disposable income, nor time. So I "cut back" and got rid of most of the marginal systems (Fantasy) and/or items I'd picked up "because it's cool" yet ended up leaving in a box. Now I only collect those armies that I actually play... but I let myself collect just about everything for the ones that interest me.