Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picture's of Gruss

Here are the pic's I promised last night.
Sorry for the blurry. Cant quite get the hang of the auto-zoom.

As you can see I added the fore and upper arm of a CC servitor then added a drill from a clicky mech from Mechwarrior;AoD (I knew the ton of extra's would come in handy someday)

Here, above the glare, you can see the extended cowl I added to the DA Sgt.s head. you can also see the shoulder ring and rivets on the arm. I though it would work, and it seems to.

The back of the head, showing the cowl. I have added the resperator from a Cadian sprue, with the captor/filter cansiter cut off. Letting the green stuff cure is hold up the work I want to do next.
Anyway, happy gameing/modeling. And if you have any suggestions drop a line.


  1. Lookin' good. Are you gonna convert a whole squad of these guys? Any plans as to what you're going to use them for in game?

  2. AdMech Skitarii/Stormtroopers, and I will most likely get the Crusader Legs from Micro Art Studios seen here

    I am thinking of using Gruss as a Magos or Inquisitor with retuine of a GW Engineseer and guards