Thursday, February 25, 2010

21 Days of frustration

Well 21 days of little time to work on models give's you plenty of time to break a bunch of them. My Delphan Gruss has hit the floor no less than three times. I took it as a sign to change him from an Inquisitor to a Magos Biologis with the addition of a Fabius Bile Chirgeon servo harness. Needless to say he still has a way to go befor he is finished.

Above and Below, is the initial work to convert a Rapier Laser Destroyer Mk I into a tracked gun servitor by adding the torso of an Iron brotherhood tracked servitor to the seat and building his 'socket' out of two Chaos Marauder shoulder guards. The arms will be made of Dragon Forge Cabels which come in three sizes, and will link in at the fire controll panel at the rearof the gun. I am thinking about using a Kolony Ferral head from Pig Iron models to give it a different apperance from the IB tracked servitor I already have. (by the way the sculpter has recently created a new set of weapon arms for the tracked servitor which should be done in March).

Below is a 'Squat Thudd Gun' the next pic down in a Mordian Heavy Bolter Gunner which I am green stuffing to make him fit sitting on a seat mounted to the center brace of the guns platform. his legs will dangel below the carriage. Thinking of using one of misterjustin's 60mm gun positions from Secret Weapon Minitures for this. Needing two Mordian HB loaders.they and the gunner will be Navel Infantry.

I added this pic of one of my two compleat ultra rare "Impreial thudd Gun's" as they will also be part of my Navel Inantry unit. I am also wanting Mordians to crew them but am not sure what figure's to get to man them. Any one have any Idea's? My third gun of this type I am thinking abut setting up as destroyed by either a missile or artillery hit, and amgoing to use the Preatorian Casualties as dead crewmen. They dont have pith helmets so look like face down Mordians.

In the past three weeks I have purchased "Rave's Flight" the Horus Heresy audiobook. Gav Thorpe has written an amazing story. Now I love reading. There is nothing like the joy and excitement (well almost) of turning that next page to find out what the author is going to throw at you next. Mr. Thorpe has done this with voice and sound. It differs a bit from the canon in that Corax left Istavann on his own two feet (hasnt it been known that he left wounded and in statis?) You also find that his personel weapon is a Heavy Bolter that he use's like a Pistol.
That's all Im telling about this stories contents. Needless to say this audiobook is a MUST have for the Horus Heresey Fan in all 40k Players.
Well done Gav Thorpe, VERY WELL DONE.
Next on the reading list, when they get here, that is.....
The Inquisition War
Soul Hunter
A Thousand Sons
One other thing I learned in catching all the blog's I regularly stop at. I will have to get much better at this before I come close to most of you all's (yes I'm a red neck) skill level.
Anyway, keep modeling, and remember HAVE FUN

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Reviews

Yes, my books finally arrived, all of them. Can you guess what I've been doing.

If you said reading them..... then you get a cookie ;P, If you said reading and re-reading them then you get a cake.

Dark Creed; An outstanding third book to this story line. Quite a few references to the Heresy, and a few hidden jem's amonge them.

This book also has the best boarding action I've had the pleasure to read.

Question; How many Imperial Guardsmen and Loyalest Astartes does it take to hold against a Word Bearers' planetary Assault force of 6 to 7.5 thousand?

This book will tell you.

4.5 of 5 stars
Sons of Dorn; You meet the three main players of this book in Hero's of the Space Marines. Imperial Fists scouts are the defenders of a world being ravaged by an Emperors Children Warband an a Heresy era Traitor IG Regiment. Can they hold out untill Captain Lysander and his companies return to assist.

Not a bad book, not a great one either. To me it contained a little to much "history" of the three asprints working toward Brother status than was needed. But that might just be me.

3.75 of 5 stars
Rynn's World; When the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon comes calling what do you do?

Blow yourself up, and still kick his butt.

An excellent read. Unfortunatly the end seemed a bit rushed. It could have used ...oh.....another 500 pages. Actually it just reads fast. To the point you can't put it down.

5 of 5 stars
Black Tide; a fantastic pick up where the last book left off.

Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers' unite to find and kill Fabius Bile and retrive the stolen vitea of Sanguinius. Along the way you learn that the Blood Angels tend to misplace items of great value litterally all across the Galaxy, that the Ad-Mech have the most wonderfull toy's, and what Fabius Bile is actually trying to create.

5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not happy....

This post isnt about kitbashing, its about GW online ordering. Im sorry but when it says 'Usually ships within 24 hours' you would expect it to at least ship within a week. Nope try 20 days.

I ordered three books, Dark Creed, Sons of Dorn, and ShadowKing as they were listed as available, and two preorders, Black Tide and Rynn's World, which would be sent some time next month after they release.

Next time Iorder from Amazon, or go to the closest Borders (50 miles away) though if I do the later I will go to the FLGS there and support them (also the closest Brick and Morter GW store near me).

Oh and if you call GW dont expect a happy person on the other end of the line. The operator there sounded like I interupted her viewing of Desprate Houeswives.

Anyway, They shipped last Friday. But Im still not happy with the service or the attitude.

Rant over.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picture's of Gruss

Here are the pic's I promised last night.
Sorry for the blurry. Cant quite get the hang of the auto-zoom.

As you can see I added the fore and upper arm of a CC servitor then added a drill from a clicky mech from Mechwarrior;AoD (I knew the ton of extra's would come in handy someday)

Here, above the glare, you can see the extended cowl I added to the DA Sgt.s head. you can also see the shoulder ring and rivets on the arm. I though it would work, and it seems to.

The back of the head, showing the cowl. I have added the resperator from a Cadian sprue, with the captor/filter cansiter cut off. Letting the green stuff cure is hold up the work I want to do next.
Anyway, happy gameing/modeling. And if you have any suggestions drop a line.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Building to relax

I dont know about you, but working on minitures relaxs me. Take today, We went to a funeral yesterday, and had to deal with emotions and family. Didnt get a lot done (Did however create a odd-ball powerfist/Claw which will be used on a forthcomming Tech-Terminator to be covered in a later post. Took about 10 minuts).

Today spent most of the day at the rest/medical rehab home where my mother is. Got home watched NCIS in LA with the wife and when she went to bed I hit the computer/work area. In the past 15 minuts I've added Gruss's head, drill arm, and draped the hood with green stuff, might add a few more bit's here in a while. (Cant take pic's as I dont want to wake the wife due to the camera being at her computer in the bedroom......I'll post pic's in the morning.)

I am more relaxed than I have been since the middle of last week.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well I've tride to start the harness for the Gruss figure. So far I've had some little success's. The top pic is of course his front (and upside down for those of you that live on the otherside of the world ).

a little blurry but here is the right side. I popped the gun arm apart and attached it soI could find out if the hose created agap i would have to fill. It didn't (thankfully).

Back (posted sideways for those who live halfway to the other side of the world)

Another shot of the back.

Standing. If you haven't noticed I need to do a little green stuff so I can create the Ad Mech symbol and vox speaker for his chest. Plus a little for the back to make it look like the hoses are actually comming out of the power-plant.
Any comments? Suggestions? All are welcome.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gun Arm

Couple of Pic's of the gun arm.

Bolt pistol barrel stillneeds to be attached. Not sure about it. Any comments, suggestions?