Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well I've tride to start the harness for the Gruss figure. So far I've had some little success's. The top pic is of course his front (and upside down for those of you that live on the otherside of the world ).

a little blurry but here is the right side. I popped the gun arm apart and attached it soI could find out if the hose created agap i would have to fill. It didn't (thankfully).

Back (posted sideways for those who live halfway to the other side of the world)

Another shot of the back.

Standing. If you haven't noticed I need to do a little green stuff so I can create the Ad Mech symbol and vox speaker for his chest. Plus a little for the back to make it look like the hoses are actually comming out of the power-plant.
Any comments? Suggestions? All are welcome.

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