Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not happy....

This post isnt about kitbashing, its about GW online ordering. Im sorry but when it says 'Usually ships within 24 hours' you would expect it to at least ship within a week. Nope try 20 days.

I ordered three books, Dark Creed, Sons of Dorn, and ShadowKing as they were listed as available, and two preorders, Black Tide and Rynn's World, which would be sent some time next month after they release.

Next time Iorder from Amazon, or go to the closest Borders (50 miles away) though if I do the later I will go to the FLGS there and support them (also the closest Brick and Morter GW store near me).

Oh and if you call GW dont expect a happy person on the other end of the line. The operator there sounded like I interupted her viewing of Desprate Houeswives.

Anyway, They shipped last Friday. But Im still not happy with the service or the attitude.

Rant over.


  1. Yeah, while GW's online order service is good about sending out models in a timely manner, they seem to have a pretty lackadaisical attitude towards their books. I've had very similar issues several times in the past, a couple weeks pass without an update, followed by an "ooh, sorry it's out of stock now". Ordering direct from Black Library has been my preference and even though the books were coming from the UK they still beat GWUS's book-shipping times! Unfortunately BL has been rebuilding their website for a long time now so I've been forced to rely on the local Borders or Amazon. "In the meantime please order direct from GW." Yeah, right!

  2. OFF topic:
    Some time back you asked me about Adeptus Mechanicus insignia. It may be possible. Please drop me a mail to veghist at gmail.com